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One of the most respected and trusted organisations in the Northern Territory is preparing to celebrate its 60th anniversary by creating a dynamic new identity.

AANT has for a long time been the people you go to for just roadside assistance, but in more recent times also for insurance, and now vehicle salary packaging.

Now entering its seventh decade, they’re improving what are already excellent offerings and  diversifying their products and services.

AANT has more than 20,000 members in the Territory – and that is growing by the week.

Chief Executive Anthony Hill says: “We felt it was time for a rebranding, the first ever. We want to better reflect where we’re going.

“We’re attracting a lot of new members, particularly among young people, and want to project an image for this new demographic and changing environment.”

The new branding is a contemporary, modern design.

Its predecessor is no longer fit for purpose for a number of reasons, including the legibility difficulties and it no longer reflects AANT members as a whole.

Original designs of auto club logos originated with the Australian Auto Clubs, which was established in 1907, as member “badges” for front grilles, which meant most were chrome-plated or enamel-finished to be durable being exposed to the weather. 

The original logo is not banned, or being discarded – it is merely being retired and relegated as part of the esteemed AANT history.

Mr Hill says many Territorians still think of AANT as a road assistance club without fully realising that it offers many other services.

“Today we provide a much greater scope of member benefits and offerings, which will continue to evolve, so we aim to be seen as a club that people want to join, rather than just for our roadside assist service.”

AANT offers a wide range of insurance options for motoring, and also for home and contents, cover for landlords, and even travel.

A membership can cost as little as $99 a year – and as a national network, it means Territory members are serviced throughout Australia. 

Late last year, the organisation went into partnership with Fleet Choice and is rebranding the vehicle salary packaging arm as AANT Salary Packaging.

This allows employees to have the cost and maintenance of second-hand or new vehicles deducted from their salaries.

“It’s a great way for employers to provide vehicles,” says Mr Hill. “And there can be good tax savings.”

AANT also gives motorists a voice – respected by the Territory and Federal governments as a community-minded, grassroots organisation, it advocates on important issues on behalf of members, such as fair fuel pricing, safer cars, better roads and safety for all road users.

AANT is confident of the Territory’s future and growing the business reflects that.



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It was a balmy Darwin night on October 22, 1963 when more than 100 people crammed into the tiny town hall.

As several open windows tempted the warm breezes of the Top End’s typically humid conditions to flow through the sweltering stone hall, the Automobile Association of the Northern Territory  was born.

With sweated brow, Darwin Mayor Mr. N.H Cooper announced the AAA’s (Australian Automobile Association) support of 1500 pounds across three years to help with the setting up, running and staffing of a local AANT service. 

Automobile Association dignitaries including Mr. R. Thompson, Mr. Strudwick and Mr. R.H. Waters were present at this historic meeting and received loud applause from the grateful crowd of Territorians.

The NT Administrator also donated 100 pounds to the organisation’s establishment.

And so from these hot, humid and humble beginnings the AANT began.